Tweet Your Way to Success

new-book-e1404900338658Since Facebook started messing with my madness I’ve been more actively using Twitter. I have been finding it increasingly helpful and useful for information and promotion.

Through some bloggers I found out about #irishbizparty. This was a pretty cool idea where Irish businesses promote themselves on a Wednesday night from 9-11pm using the hash tag #irishbizparty, here I came across @Tweetinggoddess or Samantha Kelly. After a few weeks she started to promote her book ‘Tweet Your Way to Success‘, I didn’t know much about Samantha at the time but had seen how active she was on Twitter and could see a bit of a Twitter passion that made me think, “this could be a good buy”. Well, it was actually a great buy!

This is the nitty gritty of Twitter
In just 100 pages Samantha manages to cover the basics of Twitter and in a real life way she explains what everything is, how it works and how best to use it. When explaining what Hashtags are (#) she also outlines how they can be utilized and recommends a few that would be useful to a business.

The book gives us an indepth gide to setting up your Twitter account so that it is both infomative and credable. There is a focus on builing your brand so that it is clear what you do and that you preserve the correct ‘personality’ to reflect your compnay. My favourite part of the book however, is “The List of Reasons I Won’t Follow You”. From a Follwers perspective (and her own) Samantha highlights what you could be doing wrong on your Twitter account that could be taken for granted and think is okay. This really emphasises that you need to be aware of what you portray about you or your brand when it comes to social media.

This is Business In Ireland
I’ve read a good few, very good ‘business’ books, blogs and articles in my time, but as a general rule they are either US or UK based books and many of the info and examples are based on those contries. The great thing about ‘Tweet Your Way to Success”, is that the author is Irish and works in Ireland. Her breif advice on setting up your business is based on Irish experiences and methods. Also many of the references to recommended Hashtags or people to follow are Irish based too

These are your Foundations
Starting a business for anyone is a daunting task that seems to be full of advice and no concrete information. This book outlines what you need to start with, the real basics ao you can set up and get going (the rest does follow). It highlights the benefits of networking but on a less clinical level and the use of Twitter to get started. Best of all Samantha shows her passion for the Twitter community and how it has helped her on both a business and personal level.

In just 100 pages, Samantha manages to pack in some of the best information and advice that I have seen so far. In such a simple and concise way she unravels any ‘Twittery Mystery’ and with passion shows us how bloody great it really is.

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