The Psychology of Sharing Infographic

This infographic from is a great way of understanding sharing on social media. The intention behind sharing is what we as marketers need to unlock. If you know the reason why someone is sharing, It will help you to create the content that they like to share plus the headline that provokes them to share something.


Many internet users are now turning to social media for their news, updates and information. People follow pages of their favourite companies, brands, products and news resources. Social media is increasingly important to businesses and getting our content and message out there. It is important to recognise the fundamental social element of social media, as with all the platforms if a person shares something their connections and friends see it. Our network of friends are often made up of similar interests, social classes, backgrounds, ideals and groups. As a result if they share something there is likely to be a selection of their friends that will also be interested in engaging with that content. It is the basic principal of social proof or better known as recommendations.

By understanding how people share content and why, we can then tap into this and influence the motivational cue that a person needs to share or engage with our content.

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