“As business owners we all have 24 hours of the day and yet we often complain that we are too busy. I know that I am not busy, I just don’t prioritise but I turned to Avril to decide a Life Plan – a working calendar to help me become more focussed in my day to day. Avril’s simple Life Planner was customised to how I currently work and she helped me to regain hours in my day to day to focus on the goals I keep meaning to do but never get round to doing. I’d like to thank Avril for her customised Life Plan. If I make the Life Plan a habit, I will be able to refocus, recoup those lost hours and ensure those goals I set for my business are not put back for another year.”

May King Tsang – Tea Consultant & Business Mentor and Speaker for Google’s Digital Garage

“For me, social media planning doesn’t come easily. As a sole trader it’s hard to find time to do the day to day jobs, look after clients and then still have time to come up with creative posts for Facebook and Instagram.

When I stumbled across Avril (ironically on social media) I felt drawn to her work style and knew I would benefit from her help. Avril is a digital marketing guru. Upon meeting her I was so impressed with her knowledge of the area and her ability to explain insights, analytics and the actual important aspects of online interaction. This was the stuff I didn’t have time to learn about! I was further impressed though when Avril took the time to learn about my Industry and produced a social media plan that centered around my type of client. Avril investigated and suggested easy to use, appropriate technology for me to utilise and has made the task of social media planning a less daunting one.

I look forward to working with Avril again as I know I’ve only tipped the ice berg in terms of her abilities and her ability to help me!

Mary Kearney – Celebrate Skin, Maynooth

“Avril recently helped me with my SEO, as it’s not my area of expertise.  Not only did she thoroughly explain the process, she also provided me with a detailed report, together with helpful suggestions after her audit was complete and followed up with me to ensure I understood the actions I needed to take.  I would highly recommend Avril to anyone looking to improve their SEO.  Thanks, Avril”!

Caroline Collins – CC Shared Services

“I created simple WordPress website about 7 years ago and was told not to update it. I was able to complete the basics but knew that the website was very limited and it probably needed a complete overhaul. I was quoted 2-3k to complete this which I felt was excessive but was told it needed to be completely urgently as the website was not secure. This is when I was lucky enough to meet with Avril. She showed me how to complete the website update myself and also how to install widgets and plugins (I still call them App’s) to that my website was more user friendly. The great thing about working with Avril was that I can do most things with the website on my own which will save me money down the road and to clarify that it cost far less than €3000 to work with Avril to update my website. There was no computer speak which meant allot to someone like me who does not understand that language. I’m very impressed with the service Avril provided and am envious of her never ending energy that she can devote to her clients!”

Adeline O’Dowd – Celbridge Pilates