It’s hard to be everywhere at once and this is always the challenge when you run your own business. This coupled with the ever-shifting changes in technology and having to keep up to date, can make maintaining your online presence very difficult. However, your online presence is vital to your business success and this is where I can help.

I have a vast array of Digital related skills and I carry out a number of custom services for small businesses, have a look below at what I can offer for you. This is not an all-inclusive list so if you have something in mind please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Social Media

This is a time-consuming job for any business and it requires a number of skills that can’t just be carried out by your nephew “cos he’s good a the Instagram”. I will review your business and carry out some of the below tasks and more, dependant on what you want and need.

  • help with small business socail media facebook twitter instagramChoosing the social media platforms that suit your business and customers.
  • Teach you how to use each platform, best practices for each platform, help you understand how social media works for businesses.
  • Create a custom social media content schedule that suits your industry, you can then automate update in advance or know what and when to post throughout the week.
  • Equip you with what works well in your industry, this includes content, schedules, hashtags etc.
  • Manage your social media content for you so you can get on with selling.


Many businesses have their websites built on WordPress, this makes for easy management of your site. However, you may never have been shown how to do changes yourself, or your original developer is no longer available to do the changes. I am available to do a number of things with your WordPress site including, giving you the knowledge to make changes yourself.

  • help updating wordpress site learn how to use my wordpress siteTrain staff on how to use WordPress to make essential changes.
  • Show you how to update your own WordPress website – changing content, writing blog posts adding images, adding videos and much more.
  • Help enhance your website with Plugins such as adding scrolling images, a shop, Google Analytics, search engine optimisation tools and much more.
  • Carry out updates and changes for you that are a little more complicated, sometimes this means small adjustments to the code.
  • For more bespoke websites, I can find where in the code you may need to make changes and teach you how to do them if you wish.

Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as SEO, basically appearing as high up in search engine results (Google) as possible for your potential customers’ search terms. This is seen as a bit of a dark art, however, it is a vital part of your website success. Thankfully there are some basics that you can do yourself that will make a big difference and save you a huge amount of money. (Some websites will need to have Google Analytics installed and running for 15-30 days to collect data before any work can be carried out)

  • small business help with seo and appearing first on googleCarry out a full analysis of your website and it’s social profile to determine the changes that you need to make to help you succeed.
  • Do a full keyword profile for your business so that you can use this to base your content on.
  • Show you how and where to improve your website content to help you gain better rankings.
  • Give you a blog posting schedule and suggested topics that are based on your ideal keyword profile.
  • Add Google Analytics and Google Seach Console to your website so all visitor activity can be monitored.


As I’ve mentioned I can do a bit of everything; below are some more digital related ‘stuff’ I can help you with.

  • Image editing – cropping, adjusting, resizing and putting them where you need them etc.
  • Design and website set up – not sure what to do I can help with design and start you off with your first basic WordPress website.
  • Brainstorming – sometimes you need to bounce ideas off someone or need help getting your direction right.
  • Copywriting – we’re not all natural born writers, I can write your website content, captions, social media content, write product descriptions and blog posts (can include research).
  • Investigative Work and Help – sometimes your lack of digital knowledge can be used against you or you may have a situation where information and access are being withheld from you, I can help with this. If you feel that you are in a sticky situation where jargon is being used to put you off the scent or if you cannot get passwords and data off your developers I can help get this info for you or begin with a clean slate.
  • Video editing – have you a demo, Vlog or video that you want to add to your site. I can add captions, subtitles, crop and edit your video and upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo account so it can be placed on your website.

Cost & Prices

Due to the very flexible nature of what I do, I cannot offer a ‘package’ so I made things very simple. I charge for how long I work with you. Whether one-on-one training, brainstorming or work that I carry out on my own I charge €60 per hour. Simple.

I do have some additional travel expenses which are necessary to cover my fuel costs. These costs will apply to clients that are further than 40min away (normal traffic). I’m based in Kilcock and for every additional 30min of travel time, there is an additional call out charge of €5.00 – based on normal traffic. Finally, if you are based in Dublin the cost of parking is averaged at and additional €3.00 per hour, unless you can provide free parking of course – I’m not a monster!

€60 per hour no matter what the task is.
€5.00 for every additional 30min over my standard travel time of 40min.
€3.00 per hour parking for Dublin clients that cannot provide parking.