How to Unfollow a ‘Friend’ on Facebook

Unfollow brands and friends on facebook

I get this question so many times, in fact it kind of shows me how annoying some brands and people can be on Social Media  – ‘How do I stop seeing a friends post on Facebook without unfriending them?’ Thankfully Facebook have thought of this and I will show you how to do this with your smart…

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4 Reasons Your Company Needs Website As Well As A Facebook Page

Facebook can be very appealing to small businesses as a website replacement and I often get asked, ‘Do I need a website when I already have a busy Facebook page?’. I can see the appeal with Facebook as it’s easy to use, it’s free, interactive for you and your customer, you can see the stats…

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Tweet Your Way to Success

Since Facebook started messing with my madness I’ve been more actively using Twitter. I have been finding it increasingly helpful and useful for information and promotion. Through some bloggers I found out about #irishbizparty. This was a pretty cool idea where Irish businesses promote themselves on a Wednesday night from 9-11pm using the hash tag #irishbizparty,…

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