The 6 Essential Social Media Goals To Prioritise Over Your Sales Goals!

If you’ve ever been to a business course, life coaching or any training that focuses on achievements then you will have heard about the importance of setting goals. With any marketing efforts, a key part of success is knowing what goals and targets to set. The same goes for your Social Media Goals. 

The normal goals that you would expect to have with any marketing activities are; drive traffic, increase sales (we like this one) and create brand awareness. These are the goals of all businesses, whether they be on social media, SEO, Newspaper or billboards. These are the big goals that we are all working towards.

These revenue driven goals are cold as the cash we are trying to make.

However, these revenue driven goals are cold as the cash we are trying to make and they neglect the human side of your business. At the end of the day, businesses are dealing with real people that have feelings, wants and needs. Humans are complex creatures with deep seeded psychological drive to be accepted, feel involved and valuable.

What Should Your Social Media Goals Really Be?

It is these revenue drive and socially neglectful business goals that cause so many social media efforts to fail. I say it time and time again, we as businesses need to remember that we are putting our social posts out to humans and not buying machines. Social media has a distinct advantage to most forms of advertising, reach and engagement can be measured and you can see a return on investment of your time.

Humans are complex creatures with deep seeded psychological drive to be accepted, feel involved and valuable.

Your Goal as a small business owner should be to build a relationship with your potential customers. I know that running a small business is hard and your main concern is always paying the bills and trying to make a wage. However, by shouting at your customers with your flashy sign, you are just going to aggravate them rather than win them over. You social media efforts should consist of just a small percentage of actual business offers and promotion, the rest should be building relationships and becoming an all round likeable ‘person’.

By shouting at your customers with your flashy sign, you are just going to aggravate them rather than win them over.

Your 6 Top Priority Social Media Goals

1. Connect with your audience

You need to constantly connect with people and find content that resonates with them – and this does not mean that you chuck up a funny meme every day. For example if your product is coffee provide content about food that goes with coffee, recipes and articles about coffee and it’s origins. Accompany this with strong images, as I like to phrase it, “food for the eyes”.

2. It’s a two way street

You need then to interact with your audience, if they comment how will you respond? If they share, will you be there to thank them. If they ask a question will you provide an answer? By constantly responding and in a timely manner, it shows that you are available and approachable. Simply liking every comment is not enough and neither are short answers, you need evaluate what you could say that would encourage them to come back with another response. Of course there will be times that a ‘Like’ or an emoji are enough, just not every time.

3. Find Common Ground

Your audiences are interested in you for several reasons, maybe they are interested in your offers or maybe they are brand advocates. However whatever their reason for following they very often have common interests with you and each other. For example, people who are interested in cycling are probably interested in running and fitness too. Content, facts, links, blog posts, etc around these sideline interests will help you further connect with your audience and show that you are part of their community too.

4. You are not a robot

While you will be focusing on content that is inline with your audience and catering or their needs, it’s ok to go off topic every now and then. Sharing a stunning sunrise, a photo of a great customer, celebrating a team success, the best coffee in your town or the guy with the crazy biker look and fluffy little dog you see every day. Show your face or the faces of your business and allow your audience to see the humans behind the news feed. It’s important though, to do this sparingly, no one wants to see weekly pictures of you and your dog or TV shot of your sippers and wine.

5. Be neutral, be nice

Your social media should be a place of positivity and enjoyable content. While you want to connect with your customers, don’t assume that they want to hear your opinion. It can be all too tempting to get on your soapbox and use your thousands of followers to change the universe, however you must remember, while your audience has common interests the don’t always have common opinions. Keep your personal, political, religious and social opinions to yourself. It can be a real downer when a brand starts shouting about animal cruelty or becomes a support page for a political party. Keep your social media platforms as a happy go lucky place of interesting and enjoyable content that has no opinion at all.

6. It’s all in a name

Reframe how you see those ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’ by changing the word ‘customers’ to ‘community’. This simple change of language for your social media platforms will help you to adjust your mindset around how to approach your social strategy. By seeing your social following as a ‘community’ you will want to give them content that is for the greater good and develop a following around your brand. This community based approach will help you to develop a more invested audience on your social media. This audience will be emotionally accepting of you and as a result, they will be much more likely to become loyal customers because they feel closer to your brand’s personality.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t set the normal S.M.A.R.T. business goals, you will need to have targets in place and have goals that are both long and short term, at the end of the day we are here to make money. However, the human side of your social media activity needs to be your first priority, after that you can build your business goals around this and not lose sight of the bottom line. Keeping the ‘social’ aspect in mind you can quickly build trust in your brand and show a personality which transforms a faceless service, location or product into a real person that is approachable, likeable and interactive and most of all, has a brand personality that your customers will want to engage with.