Reach Customers in a Single Bound With Micro-Moments

Two years ago Google identified and coined the phrase ‘Micro-Moments’. This brilliantly accurate phrase describes how anyone with a smartphone has changed their behaviour. We have instant access to the world through our devices and no sooner does a thought pop into our heads, we grab our devices and find the answers to our questions.

These Micro-Moments that have grown out of mobile technology are intrinsic and need to be considered together. Think of the first two hours of your day, how many times do you use your device to answer your questions or access information.

Micro-Moments for a Saturday Morning
(maybe me)

  • 6:40 am Alarm goes off – check email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and answer messages.
  • 7:00 am Go downstairs, the cat is at the window – he needs to be neutered (poor cat)- check times vet is open – “Siri set a reminder to call the vet at 9:30”.
  • 7:01 am Put cat’s food into the bowl – nearly gone – open shopping app and ‘cat food’
  • 7:03 am Glance at the calendar – aunties birthday on Friday – order flowers online.
  • 7:11 am Phone pings – read LinkedIn message and reply.
  • 7:15 am Sit down to breakfast with three year old – “What are we doing today mummy?” – search Google for “things to do with three year old near me” book tickets to the zoo – “Let’s go to the zoo today.”
  • 7:20 am Oh no, the car really needs tyres, Google “tyres near me” – set a reminder to call tyre guy when they open at 8 am
  • 7:22 am Check the travel app for train and Luas times.

These are the moments that matter the opportunities to capture people and hopefully turn them into customers. These are the moments businesses need to identify, then they can be ready and waiting with the right message and tools when the customer needs them.

Wouldn’t it have been easier for the vets to have a booking system? For the tyre fitters, a simple “request a call back” option would have helped here. For the customer, it’s a one-click option that frees up the veterinary nurse from calls and allows the customer to assess their calendar for free time. For the tire fitters, they would have a list of prospects that they can call and arrange in advance.

Mobile Devices and Micro-Moments

Also during all of these Micro-Moments, we as business owners need to remember that all of these little thoughts are carried out on our ‘all knowing’ devices. The moment is brief, the customer is between thoughts and other tasks. They are in the Moment and a have been prompted to remember something while they are engaged in another task. With this divided attention and fleeting seconds, we can see the importance of a fast and simplistic mobile user experience.

53% of mobile users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load – Think with Google

To capture the Micro-Moments effectively I’ve listed 10 things you can do.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and works on all devices.
  2. Create forms that auto-populate for the users
  3. Use simple one pages guest check out designs.
  4. Keep page designs lightweight and simplistic to help with load times and quick scanning.
  5. Have a call to action buttons like “request a call back” or “book now” ( make sure the call back happens).
  6. Be available to communications 24/7, it does not mean that you have to answer at 2 am or on a bank holiday but do have autoresponders that tell you the times and days they can expect an answer.
  7. Make articles easy to read on mobile and create videos to support them when you can.
  8. Have a number of contact options, (call, messenger, email, WhatsApp etc) and give the customer the opportunity to use their preferred method of contact.  
  9. Provide ways for customers to take action so that your website can provide the opportunity to take the task off their plate and onto yours.
  10. Have all of your location details and services up to date so that local searching works for you.

By creating a rich mobile experience you have many more chances of bringing the customer to you.

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