Instagram Stories – Save your stories and archive them for later

How many times have you waved goodbye to an Instagram story that you really loved or wished you could show your partner or friends a story before it disappeared? Well, now you can with the new Instagram Stories Highlights and Archive.

The new features for Instagram stories are big news for brands. The simple option of being able to save your stories will allow brands to display products and events for longer periods and allow customers enjoy some of their clever content for longer. Instagram Stories Archive allows you to save a story that you wish to keep for longer and the Instagram Highlights allows you to keep a featured story at the top of your profile so you can select some of your best content and keep displaying it to your audience.

Stories Highlights

Instagram is now letting you keep your best stories front and centre of your profile. Your ‘highlighted’ stories will now appear under your profile name and allow friends and customers see your best for however long you wish to keep them.

This is great news for businesses as we can now show collections of products, images from great events and collections of tutorials and how to videos. This new feature will help many businesses showcase some of their best content for longer.

As always with Instagram, these are really easy to add. tTap the “New” circle at the far left. From there, you can choose any stories from your archive (anything from December 2017 onwards), select a cover image for your highlight and give it a name. Your highlighted story will now appear as a circle on your profile that plays as a stand-alone story when someone taps it. This will stay on your profile until you remove it and you can have as many highlights as you’d like

Stories Archive

From now on Instagram will automatically save your stories to your own archive when they expire. This makes it easy for you to revisit your favourite moments later on or bring them back to life in a highlight. The best thing about this for many users will be that your stories will be saved on Instagram’s own cloud, so you don’t need to use precious space on your device

The stories archive is in the new ‘Archive’ button on your profile. It’s displayed in a grid just like your images are and only you can see these and you can turn off archiving if you wish. Just tap your story to watch it and if you want to you can share it as a post, set it as a highlight or add it to your current story.

What’s next

There are rumours and rumblings that Instagram will be getting a revamp in 2018 and with all these changes it would not surprise me. The platform has changed significantly in the past year or so with tonnes of extra features added. We look forward to seeing the new design and are hoping they don’t stray too far from the original simplicity of what makes Instagram so enjoyable.


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