I have to start somewhere

I’ve been in the Digital Space for about 15 years or so. Since I was given my first computer (an Arari STe, the ‘e’ is a big deal), I’ve been very interested in technology. I was the kid that reverently learned how to use Microsoft pain, Outlook, Excel, Word before there was anything interesting you could do with a PC.

After several years working in a variety of companies always with a hand in the digital environment, I decided to run my own company. I can tell you that running your own company is the worlds biggest eye opener. You learn everything about marketing, accounting, customer and so much more. I eventually sold my little commerce company when my son was nine months old as it was all getting a little too much.

After a little break and now that my son is bigger I have decided to start working for myself again. However I feel that  I need to build my profile a little more and though blogging show what I know and use the opportunity to learn even more. My areas of interest are mostly in Digital Marketing and SEO, however I also love to look at the Psychological affects of the Cyber environment on humans, I am not yet 100% sure what I will add to this blog but to begin with it will be a mix of everything. Be prepared for a few little off topic posts about dressage and horses.

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