Video: How to Get More ‘Likes’ on Your Facebook Page for Free

Gaining Facebook ‘Likes’ on you page has become increasingly difficult. Facebook have become more revenue focused and are reducing the exposure that pages get organically, also Facebook have reduced the reach of ads so that you have to increase you budget so your ad is displayed. The additional issue with advertising is, you need to ensure that your ads are reaching just the right audience and while advertising can quickly increase ‘Likes’ there is little point in having thousands of people liking you page when they are not interested in engaging with you.

How Facebook Business Pages Work

Leaving the revenue and paid advertising aside, the Facebook algorithm (fancy name for mathematical program) works on social proof, which is based around popularity and recommendations. If a person interacts with a page – liking, sharing and commenting – then this page is shown on their friend’s news feeds. Since friends often share hobbies, opinions and enjoy the same social circles, these interactions with posts act as a vote and ‘suggest’ to friends that ‘this may be of interest to you’. As a result to this social proof a person that is not currently liking you page can see a post from pages that they have not yet ‘Liked’ and may interact with it too.

Leveraging Your Post ‘Likes’

The people who have ‘Liked’ your post, but have not ‘Liked’ your page, can be the best quality potential customer. These people have shown an interest in what you have to offer and are basically a warm lead. These post ‘Likes’ can be leveraged to organically grow your following with quality page ‘Likes’ that are becoming invested in your brand.

How to Get Free ‘Likes’ on Facebook

When you have posted something on Facebook and it has been successful in gaining some ‘Likes’, you can review those’Likes’ and see the status of them.

  1. Go to your post and click on the list of ‘Likes’
  2. You will see a list of people who ‘Liked’ the post and grey buttons beside those names marked ‘Liked’ or ‘Invited’
  3. Scroll down and you may see some more names with an active button beside them marked ‘Invite’
  4. If you click this button that person will receive an invitation to ‘Like’ you page.

This is so simple and can grow your audience slowly but organically to create a much more invested following.

The best way to do the invites.

As with any business activity it needs a strategy. Even though this is a small activity you sill need to apply some best practice to it. In order to make the most of these Invites, you should first wait until the activity on a post has calmed down – so the ‘Likes’, comments and shares have stopped or slowed for the post. Begin to invite the ‘Likers’, however you should only do this around the times and days your audience is most active so the invite does not get lost in their alerts.

Remember that ‘Likes’ will only happen if you are sharing good quality content that resonates and engages your audience. You still need to do the hard work of sharing great content to connect and get ‘Likes’ from outsiders!

The Story Behind the Video

I had wanted to record this video for ages but there was always something that got in the way. I had originally recorded it when I had my hair done and my make up on etc. and my husband had taken the monster out of the house. However, I just felt that it wasn’t the real me and it never felt natural enough.

One morning recently The Monster was being super good, he had found my old iPod Shuffle (thank god he did because I had no idea where it was), I charged it up for him and let him play with it. He was so distracted that I took my chance, dressed for mumming and not ready at all I got stuck in… After a few takes the monster overheard and insisted in joining in, he promised to be super quiet and he was.

But he disappears half way though! Truth be told he started to make fart noises, after telling him to stop… he walked off and left me to finish. I should do an outtake though, because he falls over, tells me he’s ok and wanders off into the living room out of frame like a little old man in his dressing gown.

I would never have considered having him in the video, however when I looked back over it, I really felt it was the nicest and most natural take I had done so I ran with it. I hope you like it. Yeh!

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