Facebook Tutorials & Tips That Will Help Your Business Page

Rather than focusing the research, data and methodologies of marketing, I decided to show you some videos of Facebook technology that, if used in clever ways that are in line with your campaigns, you can use to help bolster your engagement on Facebook and hopefully improve the performance of your page.

As we know from my previous post on Algorithms and lots of media news, Facebook is changing how it delivers information to the user. While Facebook cares about revenue and turning a profit, it has really shown that it is not concerned with our businesses and knows that the social side of the platform and keeping its users happy is a priority.

Facebook will be focusing on showing posts that it deems to be important to users, so it is already prioritising posts from friends and family. This also means that it will be showing less and less from business pages. So, as business owners, we really need to start getting clever with our posts and work on being social rather than promotions and delivering content that really matters to our followers.Remember, pages that have lots of engagement get more exposure than those with thousands of likes and little or no engagements.

Hijacking another Business Page’s Audience.

Did you know that pages can follow other pages? Yes, it’s back and to make this even more exciting you can also comment on other pages content. Just a reminder, make sure that you are not just spamming other business pages with your own type, this won’t be welcome. Put your human hat on and try to engage and be social. You can post just like a personal profile so remember to add images, emojis and links if it means you are contributing and enhancing the conversation.

Prioritising the content you care about

Since Facebook’s algorithm will be deciding what it calculates is important to us, then we need to take some control. There are always business pages that we follow that we don’t want to interact with or just don’t feel the need to regularly – we know that when we interact with a page our friend and family can see that content too, the 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Interiors business page that you love might not be something you want to interact with. The problem here is, if you don’t engage with the page (likes, reactions, shares, clicks and comments etc.), Facebook will think you don’t find it valuable and all that red velour and plastic leather will slowly disappear from your news feed.

Thankfully we can prioritise the content we see. While this video is aimed at personal pages, however, this is something that you need to make your clients aware of. I made this video with the intention that you can share it to your page as a tutorial for your own audiences to remind them to add you to ‘See First’ on their news feed.

Tagging Products & Services in Posts

You can add lists of products and services to your facebook page, and even better, you can then tag them to relevant posts so that users can see the details. These are more of an FYI than a web shop however, these are not to be underestimated. They give you valuable real estate and since not many pages are using them effectively, the users get to see a new little do-hickey that they can click on and BAM! There is your engagement – sorted.

Bonus Video
Adding Stores to your Facebook Page

This one I didn’t publish to Facebook yet because I wanted to share something special with my loyal readers. This is marketing speak for ‘Reel them in’.

Since December 2017, business pages have been able to add stories to their pages, however, many businesses don’t utilise this and don’t know how to do it. It is particularly tricky if you are using a Facebook Business Manager account as on mobile (the only place you can do stories) it sort of disconnects your business page from your personal profile.

I have more Facebook tutorial videos to add, which I will share over the coming weeks so please keep an eye out for these on Facebook and here… see more feel-good teaser stuff in marketing speak ☺️



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