Seeing a Decline in Facebook Organic Reach?

Facebook organic reach has seen a sudden decline in the past few months and many businesses are struggling to get their pages seen again. Facebook has recently changed how they display news to the users and we as businesses need to understand these changes so we can help gain our grip again. 

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular platform for businesses to shout about how amazing they are from the rooftops. However, businesses are groaning and moaning about the reduction in Facebook organic reach. If you post something on your page you will see on overage about 30% reach to your audience. Of course, we are all blaming the big man and his beautiful silk-lined pockets.

Facebook vehemently deny that the reduction in reach is related to a push for more advertising spend (even reach has been reduced when it comes to ad spend), to be honest, I don’t really believe them. However, moaning about the reduction in reach will do little for us. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons organic reach has reduced and what you can actually do to improve yours.

What Has Happened to Your Facebook Organic Reach?

If you moan to them about your Facebook organic reach they will give you this standard answer…

“There are a few reasons why your organic reach may be declining. There’s lots of content being shared every day on Facebook, which means that your Page’s posts have a lot of competition in your fans’ News Feeds.

News Feed is designed to show each person on Facebook the content that’s most relevant to them, which may mean less exposure for your posts.”

As with many of these kinds of platforms, Facebook has an algorithm that makes decisions on what content to show you. Facebook has adjusted the algorithm to display content that is best suited to the user’s interests and their current environment among other things. This adjustment takes into account the users current interests and will display what they want to see, if they have been engaging with pages posts they will see info from those pages, the device they are on is also considered and how long it takes for web pages to load.

They have recognised that there is no Facebook without users seeing the things that matter to them. If you are seeing fake news, click bait and lots of ‘pick me, pick me’ posts then your less likely to spend time on the platform.

We also have to recognise there are so many businesses using Facebook as places to advertise, inform customers, show their wares and more. The number of pages is increasing constantly and users are increasing the number of pages they follow. If Facebook was to show everything in the news feed as it happens users would be bombarded. They have decided that of the possible 1,500+ stories a person might see whenever they log onto Facebook, News Feed displays about 300 (personally I prefer the idea of seeing everything in chronological order and I think it’s the fairest way of conducting business but what would I know, I’m only the user?)

Strategies to improve your Facebook Organic Reach

How to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

Like Google, Facebook has no recognised that they need to deliver the best results that match the user’s expectations. Here are the main rules that you should consider and follow when you are posting on Facebook.

  • Posts should be timely and relevant – if you are reporting on something do it as early as possible, check your facts and make sure the information is accurate.
  • Don’t dare ask for likes – That’s right Facebook will demote posts and images that encourage users to ‘like’ or share them. Also known as ‘Like Bait’.
  • Stay away from ‘Click-Bait’ style headlines that lead to shallow or weak content. Facebook is on you, they have added cues into the algorithm that recognise headlines like “She opened the box and you won’t believe what happened”.
  • Just like Google’s Mobile First focus, Facebook is doing the same. If your site is slow to load and packed with adds etc. your posts will be demoted. Facebook recognises that most browsing on their platform is done on mobile devices so they have taken action with this.
  • Add value and consider what your audience wants- Facebook is a place for social interaction, respect this and add value with quality content that content that teaches people something, entertains them, makes them think, or in some other way adds value to their lives. This is more likely to be engaged with.
  • Video – there is a great focus on the algorithm about video so make sure you do this right. Provide great content for your audiences and make the intro really count. Videos that are watched to the end will have more reach and organic exposure, however, don’t ask your audience to watch to the end as this will affect your exposure as it counts as baiting.


Evil Facebook Advertising

At the end of the day we can’t expect to get everything for free and we can’t really begrudge any company for wanting to make money – after all, that’s why we are there and Facebook probably have some pretty hefty bills to match the very hefty profits.

There is no harm in spending a few quid here and there to increase your reach and awareness of your company. Advertising with some of your high-quality posts to ‘Friends of people who like your page’ can be very effective if you’re on a small budget. You also need to know your audience so that you target your ads correctly. Think of your advertising as social networking rather than advertising, this way you will get audiences that are interested in you and your companies skills or inside information rather than them turning their backs on you because you slapped them in the face with a product.

Facebook is a social place and you need to be able to have conversations with your audience.

Are You DOING Social or BEING Social.

Summing all of this up is simple really. You need to entice that your brand is being social online, you need to chat, converse and engage with your audience. Think of Facebook as a Bar, rather than being the person that shakes hands and says “I want to be married in 6 days and have eight of your babies” the better approach is to charm them and win them over with your lovely personality (the babies can be worked on later). Facebook is a social platform where users originally signed up to share their day to day with friends and family, recognise this and as a brand you can join their circle of friends and offer up your interesting news and conversation. Facebook has released guidelines on organic reach that will help you plan your content strategy going forward.


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