Find Clothes You Like With Google Lens Style Match

Google lens will allow you to pick similar products with style match

Google Lens is coming to smartphones very soon and this will begin to change how we search again. We have seen massive changes with search recently, however, from a shopping perspective this is a retail game changer. Within Google Lens has been created the very powerful visual search called ‘Style Match’. By painting your phone’s camera…

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How To Evolve With Google Today

Seo tips for 2018

While we like to pay for advertising, send ‘shout outs’ by email and get lots of likes on social platforms, one of the most important parts of marketing is still your website’s Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO). When people are searching on Google they have intent rather than on advertising or social platforms where they are…

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6 Quick And Easy Ways To Gain More Local Business

Due to the location technology in smartphones, both social platforms and search engines will prioritise local results (the results closets to your device’s location at the time of search) over those that are further afield. In 2014 Google identified that 18% of Smartphone searches lead to a purchase that same day. It is increasingly important to…

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Understanding Google and Facebook Algorithms (The What Now?)

As business owners and marketers, our main concern in the digital environment is to appear to our audiences at the best possible time. We need them to become aware of us when they are browsing, consider us when they are specifically looking for an answer to a problem and choose us over all the other products.…

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The Importance of Mobile Speed

There is no denying the increasing use of mobile devices when viewing videos, using social networks and browsing. This week I’ve focused on Mobile Speed as a topic on my social media. With clients approaching me for website updates, social media schedules and SEO reports I am constantly pushing the ‘faster for mobile’ message all…

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Title Tags: What Are They And How To Use Them

When your website was being developed I bet you were told: “Make sure your meta titles are epic and this will help your SEO”. At the time you smiled, took note and vaguely nodded pretending you knew what your developer was on about (along with a million other things). Whether they are called ‘meta titles’,…

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