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The thing that everyone underestimates in Digital Marketing is the constant shift in technology and the sheer volume of tools, info, data and news that you need to keep up with. Things that were relevant last week could be gone this week, this is why I signed up to the Google Breakfast Briefings. I felt that having lived like a hermit since I had my child I needed to network and hear some news straight from Google’s mouth.  So a sleepover for myself and the monster at my parent’s house in Blackrock and a 6 am start for me to get the DART into Grand Canal Dock.

The topic was ‘Cookies for Breakfast: How to win with Audience’ key speaker for this Breakfast Briefing was Robin Bass, Google he is the DoubleClick Search Specialist at Google and he was there to explain some of the tools that you can use when advertising with the use of their new platform Google Audience.

Google AdWords and advertising, in general, has become a little lacklustre in the past few years. Due to a lack of focus, research and knowledge some keywords that have low search volume have become very expensive. As a result of the haphazard advertising that has been carried out, AdWords is not viable for many companies anymore.

However, Google has now introduced Audience Center and this allows you to become more targeted, extending your reach and grab the customer at just the right moment – as Robin put it “How can you make my moment”

As I have mentioned before some of the stats you need to be aware of when you are selling online,

  • 96% of visitors leave the site with no conversion
  • 70% abandon their carts –
  • 49% visit 2-4 sites before they purchase.

With these statistics weighing against you and the average conversion rate for most sites being 1% (for every 100 visitors only one will purchase), it can be difficult to gain the sales needed for you to make a profit.

In steps Audience Centre, using data it helps you develop audience segments. Just as with traditional marketing research you need to know who your audience are, where they are likely to be and what will encourage them to buy. Audience Centre does a little bit of this work for you, by integrating all your data points in Google with some third party ones, it allows you to form audiences that are the best match for your products and grab them at just the right time.

You can create similar audiences to the ones that have already bought from you, have lists that you wish to remarket to and aim your ads at customers that are much closer to the purchase (available soon). You can use these audience data packets to target your advertising campaigns to a more defined and ready audience rather than wasting your advertising budget on searchers that could be anywhere in the buying process. It also reduces a huge volume of time spent research just to define audiences.

For example, the audiences that are created will help you to advertise;

  • Your selection of watch straps the person who has just bought an Apple Watch in Ireland.
  • Show your bouquet ads to the person who received an email from their sister to remind them that mums birthday is next week.
  • Remind the person who was already on your site that your business is still there are waiting for them to revisit.

Putting the product, tools, technology and how to’s aside, what I see mostly is that Google is taking the growing AdWords (and SEO) problems that small businesses are facing. Large companies are using their massive budgets to buy out the advertising space on Google, their size, authority and link profile pushes even the best digitally savvy small business so far down the ranking that they cannot possibly scrabble up again. Google cannot demote the big guys as this would be tampering with the algorithm and ultimately be an unfair way to help out the little guy (it would be similar to closing the road to the big supermarket, they can stay open but the customer can’t get to them).

What they are doing though is giving you more opportunities and tools at your disposal. You are given the chance to target a customer at a more appropriate point and ones that may not have to know about you but would be interested in your product or brand before. They are tackling the issue, however, the biggest problem I see here is that most small companies may not be knowledgeable or tech savvy enough to find or use this super system. A middle man is still needed in the guise of the Digital Marketer, so while they are giving you the seeds they are not really showing you how to sow them.

One other thing to note with these Breakfast Briefings is that you also get the opportunity to network. Sadly not enough people are taking advantage of this and were on their phones rather than chatting to real people. There was also the live hashtag #GoogleBB for all platforms and thanks to this I got to meet @BookingHawk and Moira Donne from

The whole thing was over by 9 am and I was back on the DART by 9:06 am… naturally I told my parents that I was finished at 10 am so I could kick back, toddler free in Bear Market for a coffee and a cake!

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