Your Twitter Bio is Important, why?

Why you need a good Twitter bio
Your Twitter bio is powerful – make the most of it.

Your twitter bio is the ‘make it or break it’ for followers on twitter, in serves several functions so it’s vital that you take the time to be epic in 160 characters. 

You Twitter bio outlines in just 160 characters what you do, who you are, what your into. It tells other twitter users if your worth following, are you interesting, have something in common, could be useful? With many tweeps retweeting what they like, replying to tweets and adding so many of their own updates it can be hard to pin down exactly what a particular person on Twitter is about.

This is where you bio becomes incredibly important and valuable. It allows a potential follower make a decision if your a good match or interesting enough for them to follow, saving them time by trying to decipher this from all your tweets.

Not only is it an indicator of how awesome you are, it’s also what appears in the search results when you or your company is googled. I searched for myself ‘Avril Clinton-Forde’ and below is my @ClintonForde twitter account results (funny, I decided to update mine after seeing this result!). So you can see that this may be your fist selling point on Google.

Twitter profile bio appearing in Google search results.
Your Twitter bio is what tells others your worth following, it also appears in Search engine results

6 Twitter Bio Tips

It doesn’t matter if it’s your business, professional or a personal profile you should make an effort to portray what your about. I’ve put together six tips to help you get a grasp and know where to start when your writing that all important introduction on twitter.

1. Tell it to me straight

Simply tell people what you do, what you like and what your objective is. Basically there is a bit of match making going on and you want to attract like minded people. If your bio feels a little dull you may need to jazz it up a little and inject a bit of personality.

2. Explain yourself

There are too many companies that assume everyone knows what a ‘Services management control executive drone incentive’ actually is. Put this rubbish business speak into real words that humans use. You may have a tonne of potential clients waiting for you, but they don’t know what you do yet. They need that industry jargon translated, they may not know that they are looking for you!

3. Hatch

Fill out your Twitter profile completely, add an photo of yourself or a company logo and find a banner that suites you. Give potential followers a reason to follow you. There are loads of fake and idle twitter accounts out there, if you don’t make yours personable you won’t be considered as real.

4. Be confidant

Sometimes it’s hard to big yourself up and be confidant, however this is your time to shine. You will have to use buzz words and be confidant here, people need to know your good at what you do and you know your stuff. Your on twitter to add value, share things you find interesting or tell your followers something you know.

5. Connect it up

The best thing about your bio is you can add @usernames and #hastags. Remember that hashtags work as a quick search for topics of interest and news, so you can use these to your advantage. If your a beauty blogger you might add #BeautyBlogger part of the Irish Biz Party group then #IrishBizParty. You can also add in user names, you may be connected to a company account or another team member ad just want to add their user name in.


6. Are you Funny?

If your good a humour then use it. There are loads of twitter bios out there that will make you giggle and if your good at it, go for it… so long as it’s appropriate for your industry.


Just keep in mind that you need to convey your abilities, attract a little attention and give people an incentive to follow.

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