5 Superpowers That Will Make Your Instagram Stories Immortal [Videos]

How to do Instagram Stories

I have created a list of five need to know functions in Instagram Stories. Instagram is a great platform for giving a visual overview of what your organisation is doing. Instagram is a place for building Awareness of your brand and connecting on an emotional level with your community and stories give businesses the opportunity to connect informally and, not to mention, have some fun with your audience. 

These Instagram Stories tips will give you a little bit of an edge and make your stories more engaging and, hopefully, more successful. I’ve included a little ‘How-To’ video with each one to make it easier to understand each function.

1. Getting Just The Right Colour For Text

When you’re adding text to your Instagram Stories you are bound by the selection of colours that the platform offers… or are you? By holding your finger on the colour selector for about 3 seconds, you can access the full spectrum and select colours that are closer to your branding or just a better option.

  1. Tap the “Aa” or the pen icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the draw or text tool.
  2. Tap and hold any of the default colour options at the bottom of the screen for about 3 seconds to open the full-colour spectrum.
  3. Select your ideal colour (it will probably be a close match).

2. How to Make a Background in Instagram Stories

Sometimes you need to make an impact with just a plain coloured background and a little bit of text. Doing this can make a great statement. You can show an image and follow it up with a piece of text a statement or something funny, it can create intrigue and excitement or you can use it to show a list of tips or a three-step process.

  1. Tap the pen icon in the top right-hand corner pick a colour
  2. Tap and hold the middle of the screen for 3 seconds and voila! Your screen will be a solid colour.

If you use the marker, your screen will have a solid colour or if you use the flat brush your screen will have a transparent colour – this looks cool over images for things like quotes etc.

3. Share The Love by Tagging Someone in Instagram Stories

This is a great way of building community and recognising other great people or brands. You can use this for a little shout out for a great company you work with or for a thumbs up to your favourite cafe. What about tagging a person? The speakers at your event as you interview them, the guy who won the competition, your own staff or simply a super customer.

  1. Tap the “Aa” in the top right-hand corner to add some text
  2. Put the @ symbol and then the person’s username or account name (no spaces)
  3. You’ll then see a list of matches, so simply select the account you want to mention.

4. How to Save Your Instagram Stories for Another Day!

If you have put a lot of work into your Instagram Stories, you don’t necessarily want them to disappear after 24hrs. Instagram offers us the option of downloading our stories so we can use them again at a later date. The get downloaded to your camera roll.

  1. Open your own story
  2. Swipe up with your finger on the screen
  3. Tap the round symbol with the arrow, this is on the top right-hand side, and your story will be in your camera roll.

You can also save the individual parts of your stories that have already been published. Play your story and when you see what you want to save, tap on the three dots at the bottom right of your screen, then tap ‘Save Photo’. This will be added to your camera roll.

5. How to Check Performance on Instagram Stories

Everything in marketing is about measurement, we need to know if our Instagram stories are being seen by our lovely audiences. We can then begin to get an idea of what times are popular to post and what content works well for us.

  1. Open up your story and let it play.
  2. Swipe up on the screen to display the insights.
  3. You can see how many people viewed your story and more in-depth insights once there has been

Hopefully, all these videos will help you with your Instagram Stories. Please let me know how you get on in the comments below, or if you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

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