5 Google Analytics Videos – Lets Get Geeky With Data

How to use Google Analytics for your small bueinses

While Google Analytics is unbelievably powerful, it is also hard to see the wood for the trees. I’ve many clients who have glanced at analytics and run the opposite way because they have no idea where to start.

The most important thing to consider when looking at analytics is what questions do you have about your website. Do you need to know what pages are performing well? Are you wondering why your best in-store product is your worst on-line? Are you performing well on Social Media but not seeing results on your website?

By simply having these questions you can make decisions on what areas of analytics you need to look at and where to search. I have been answering questions on Google Analytics for clients since 2006, and as the internet and websites have evolved I have referred to some key pieces of data for every client. While each piece of data can be viewed for every client I am always looking for different results for each one as each business is individual. It is important to recognise that the data alone is not what is important, it is understanding what it means, recognising how it correlates to site issues and goals, then knowing what action to take to change those issues.

Google Analytics Overview

In this video I show you some key areas that you should know about Google Analytics, these are some of my favourite things like the ‘Real-time’ report and the ‘When do your users visit?’ heat map. I also show you how to safely share your data with partners, and about adding notes to your future reference.

Page Performance in Google Analytics.

It’s nice to know how many visits your site is getting and understand that there are days which are more popular than others. However, we really need to go a little deeper and gain an understanding of which pages are performing well and those that are causing issues. By knowing what each page and section of your site is doing, you can spot any new opportunities and identify potential problems that may be occurring.

Google Analytics and Your Social Media Success

As business owners, we are at risk of getting caught up in the wrong metrics. When it comes to social media we can become overly concerned with Followers and Page Likes and oddly enough none of these matter. When we’ve added a link on a Social Media platform it’s not enough for us to look at the platforms data insights, we need to analyse the next stage of the journey. This is where Google Analytics steps in; once we shared that link and it was clicked we need to know what happened next. We may have put up something very entertaining and engaging on a Social Network but did that content do anything for our website? I show you where you can find your social stats and give you some ideas of what to look at.

Identifying Your Mobile Performance in Google Analytics

One of your top priorities this year for your website should be mobile compatibility and speed. Google is giving the mobile-friendly sites and faster loading websites higher priority in the search results, this is because the level of mobile browsing is increasing faster than predicted. Not only does this matter in your SEO but mobile speed also applies to the Facebook algorithm too. There is now data available in Google Analytics that will help you identify your site’s performance and speed on mobile devices, plus I will also show you how to identify the performance with individual browsers (Chrome, Safari etc) on varying models of mobile devices.

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

Knowing what Bounce Rate is and how it works will make all the difference to interpreting your data. This powerful metric is so often misunderstood. Once you know what it is and how to identify and interpret it you will have a powerful key to unlocking issues on your website. In this video I will explain what ‘Bounce Rate’ and I will also show you how to identify issues with it.


Please feel free to comment or ask further questions below or you can ask on any of the social networks that you spot the videos on. If you have a more complicated question I can answer as a video, and other businesses can learn from you.

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