15 Hilarious Examples of Advertising Gone Wrong

Advertising is hard and with so many deadlines and so much to do sometimes the graphics and marketing teams miss the odd thing. Here are hilarious 15 examples of bad advertising that may have made these companies memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

1. Make sure you have the right template for the vehicle.

2. You we’ll know show you how to how to design lead.

3. Unusual looking car

4. If You’ve Got it Flaunt it

5. Texcock Mextails, not sure I want to order this

5. Check your domain name

6. Non Action and Stop Excitment

7. I Think X is Cheating.

8. Marketing Genious

9. Wow, What a Surprise We Had No Idea!

10. But Ben Mitchell Says Quit School

11. If you car would what were in a know accident to do? – Wait, what?

12. Wifi not connected

13. Hopefully, the graphics guy doesn’t do the accounting

14. Why, is the food not great?

15. No one can be happy

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