Hashtags vs Mentions – are you super confused?

I recently met a client because she wanted to brainstorm with me and ask some of my advice on her ideas. She was in her new marketing manger role for a few months and was beginning to regain control of the spiralling budgets, disorganisation and general madness of a company that had grown a bit too…

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Find Clothes You Like With Google Lens Style Match

Google lens will allow you to pick similar products with style match

Google Lens is coming to smartphones very soon and this will begin to change how we search again. We have seen massive changes with search recently, however, from a shopping perspective this is a retail game changer. Within Google Lens has been created the very powerful visual search called ‘Style Match’. By painting your phone’s camera…

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How To Evolve With Google Today

Seo tips for 2018

While we like to pay for advertising, send ‘shout outs’ by email and get lots of likes on social platforms, one of the most important parts of marketing is still your website’s Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO). When people are searching on Google they have intent rather than on advertising or social platforms where they are…

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Google Breakfast Briefing June 2018

This month the Google Breakfast Briefing was really excellent, headed up by Conor McGinn, it was another session that emphasised the importance of mobile consideration for your business. Some companies have managed to hit the nail on the head with the mobile/ease of use combo and us as small business owners need to be aware…

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3XE Digital – Plastic Bags, Gobshites & Predictions

As if going to a Digital Marketing conference didn’t make me geek out completely, but it was also held in Croke Park conference rooms. This seriously cool venue combined with 3XE’s really exciting and insightful speakers made this a brilliant experience. There was really so much it’s impossible to mention everything, so I’ve outlined the…

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Sales Reps – It’s Time To Mutate Into Something More Powerful

It used to be the sales rep who was holding all the cards, they held all the information and fed it to you in half-truths and partial facts to suit their need to close fast. Today though you are facing a different customer, they are more informed, know what their problem is and they know what they…

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6 Quick And Easy Ways To Gain More Local Business

Due to the location technology in smartphones, both social platforms and search engines will prioritise local results (the results closets to your device’s location at the time of search) over those that are further afield. In 2014 Google identified that 18% of Smartphone searches lead to a purchase that same day. It is increasingly important to…

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Reach Customers in a Single Bound With Micro-Moments

Two years ago Google identified and coined the phrase ‘Micro-Moments’. This brilliantly accurate phrase describes how anyone with a smartphone has changed their behaviour. We have instant access to the world through our devices and no sooner does a thought pop into our heads, we grab our devices and find the answers to our questions.…

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5 Superpowers That Will Make Your Instagram Stories Immortal [Videos]

How to do Instagram Stories

I have created a list of five need to know functions in Instagram Stories. Instagram is a great platform for giving a visual overview of what your organisation is doing. Instagram is a place for building Awareness of your brand and connecting on an emotional level with your community and stories give businesses the opportunity to…

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5 Google Analytics Videos – Lets Get Geeky With Data

How to use Google Analytics for your small bueinses

While Google Analytics is unbelievably powerful, it is also hard to see the wood for the trees. I’ve many clients who have glanced at analytics and run the opposite way because they have no idea where to start. The most important thing to consider when looking at analytics is what questions do you have about your website. Do you…

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